(Subject to Change)

The current fee for a forty-five minute session, either psychotherapy or biofeedback is $140.00. In a session that calls for more time, as in an initial assessment where ninety minutes is needed, the charge is currently $210.00. Telephone conversations requiring more than a brief exchange will be billed in 10-minute segments at the same per minute rate as regular sessions. I am not rigid about this!

I am on the provider panel of many insurance companies and Medicare, and as a member I accept the reimbursement amount that I have contracted with each carrier. You may have a co-pay for each session, and I expect that at the start or end of each of our meetings. I am happy to fill out your insurance forms, but encourage you to find out your mental health benefits (e.g. co-pay amount, number of visits per year and where claims are mailed). I expect any mistakes in co-pays to be honored by you and me! I handle a certain number of Workmen's Compensation patients.

Your appointment time is your time and is reserved exclusively for you. Any appointment that is not kept or that is cancelled with less than twenty-four weekday hours notice must be paid for. I realize that there may arise circumstances well beyond your control that may cause a cancellation, and I am happy to waive any charge if the appointment can be rescheduled within the same week. I appreciate your understanding in this. I hold clients responsible for their co-pay if a late cancel occurs. You may be responsible for the managed care rate of reimbursement to our offices for missed appointments. I apply 10% interest on accounts 60 days past due.

I do consider an adjustment to my fee as a courtesy to individuals who cannot financially afford the base rate. This 'sliding scale' has a bottom limit of $90 per session. With regards to negotiating with me a fee that is affordable to you but less than my customary charge, my enthusiasm for this may be dictated by the availability of my clinical hours and, perhaps, your willingness and flexibility to be seen at non-peak times (start and end of day). I do accept credit cards using Square at this time to charge for session work.